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I am creating this site for a few reasons, but the simplest explanation is to pay it forward. My goal is to make available tickets to sought after events for people who would not normally be able to attend. The way you participate is by simply recommending someone who is a big fan of an event for which there are tickets available. You can recommend someone by creating a post on this page, tell us about the person you recommend, what event or event(s) would the fan like to be considered for and if your post has the most likes exactly 1 week prior to that event, we will reach out and contact you to make arrangements for the tickets and logistics.

In order to test out this concept I have decided to donate two tickets to each New England Patriot game this season. So, if you know a big Patriots fan who you feel is deserving, write a post and see if others agree! Let’s give away my entire 2019 Patriots Season tickets (10 Rows from the field).


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